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44 Coupe

Ready to meet any weather.

Master the nature's conditions and enter a world of new possibilities. The updated design adapts to any weather and all desires, creating the perfect setting without delay. Neither rain or wind will get in the way of a gourmet dinner spent on the inviting 44 Coupé. Traverse the seas at a swift pace of 30 knots, optionally up to 36 knots of speed. There is no limitation but your imagination to tailor the next adventure, wherever your harbour or destination of choice is.
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Tehnical specifications
Length overall
13.45 m
Hull length (LH)
11.99 m
39' 4"
Beam (BH)
4.25 m
Draught (Tmax)
1.14 m
Fuel capacity
900 l
198 UK gal
Water capacity
295 l
65 UK gal
11.25 t
11.07 Uk t
CE Category
Max number of passengers
Engine standard
2 x Volvo Penta IPS500
approximately 30 knots*
Engine options
2 x Volvo Penta IPS 650
approx. 36 knots*


As early as dawn, start the day by taking in the scenery with all senses, utilizing the openable elements of the saloon into a panoramic setting. Bask in the sunrays coming in through the sliding roof and six skylights, made out of tinted glass to complement the saloon's aesthetic. The sun deck sits atop a lofty cabin and provides a clear view at the beautiful island panorama. The stern provides fast and safe water entrance, o even more comfort with the optional lowerable bathing platform and stairs for added accessibility. And when you're out of the water, the spacious seating area is right at reach for all to gather up for a chat. Evenings are as enjoyable in all their forms, thanks to the retractable table and the adaptable tinted-glass saloon. Every detail has been planned out, designed and hand-built by out boat craftsmen, leaving nothing to chance.


The 44 Coupé impresses in every situation, be it docking or cruising by, thanks to electronics-assisted controls which make driving a splendour. Equally precise and awe-inspiring work awaits below deck, revealing a king-sized cabin containing a spacious bed and a beautiful interior packed with practical features. The finishing is impeccable all around, and the look unique with either a storage cabin, or a two-berth guest cabin. The rich setting is completed with a toilet coming fully equipped with a standing shower and a comfort seat. The entire cabin basks in the sunlight with multiple skylights, hull windows and portholes. Every inch of the 44 Coupé aims to provide the perfect view, and a memorable experience.

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