38 Xpress

Escape into tomorrow.

Speed takes on a physical shape with the Fjord 38 Xpress, hand-built to take your breath away and get you wherever your heart desires with a burning passion and utmost grace. FJORD's signature lines shine through with Patrick Banfield's minimally intrusive yet fully expressive design featuring a T-top roof, clear lines and a vertical stem design. Go straight up the sand of a nearby beach thanks to the outboard engines, or set out to a remote island; no destination is too far. Aesthetics and comfort elevate the senses regardless of the time of the day, and you will make a striking appearance wherever you roam or dock. But there is more to a powerboat than its luxurious looks.

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Technical Specification
11.63 m
Hull Length
11.28 m
3.64 m
0.94 m
6.06 t
Fuel tank
758 l
Fresh water tank
200 l
CE Certificate
Standard engine
2 x Verado 300 hp HP
Engine 1
2 x Verado 350 hp HP
Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress
Fjord 38 Xpress

Express yourself.

With regards to your surroundings, a frameless, tinted glass windshield looks at the deck along with a U-shaped seating area at the bow. You're given the choice of turning the cockpit furniture into a table, or re-purposing it into a sun lounge to enjoy your perfect summer vacation. On the auditory side, a high-end entertainment system creates the perfect mood, which is complemented by a champagne cooler located under the seat. Powered by two outboard engines and an optional total of 700 horsepower, the Fjord 38 Xpress soars over the waves at a 45 knot max speed, steadily achieved with a 12-cylinder design. The experience is a thrilling one; easy steering and effortless maneuvering just as it would be with a top of the line sports car, made possible with electrohydraulic joystick controls.

Safety prioritized.

The minimum draught level sits at only 30 centimeters and is lowered with the press of a button, revealing the exhilirating coastline around you. Safety is a priority, which includes safe manouvering above rocky seabeds as well as strong bulwarks and wide sidewalks, taking into consideration your full comfort at all times and never taking away from the ride. The wood finish allows safe, unhindered traversal of the deck area. The Fjord 38 Xpress impresses on all fronts, bow to stern. It becomes truly unique thanks to rich color options and a plethora of customisation options, with only the finest materials to choose from. Skies are the limit and time is irrelevant when behind the controls of a powerboat of this class. Be inspired and always unique, with FJORD.

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